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1/2" X 80 Mm Universal Joint

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    A universal joint, also known as a U-joint, is a mechanical coupling that allows for the transmission of rotary motion between two shafts that are not in a straight line with each other. Here's a description of a universal joint:

    1. Design:

      • A universal joint typically consists of two yokes connected by a cross-shaped pivot, forming a flexible coupling.
      • The yokes have a U-shaped or forked design, with each end of the cross-shaped pivot mounted in one of the yokes.
      • The cross-shaped pivot allows for angular movement in multiple directions, accommodating misalignment between the shafts connected by the universal joint.
    2. Functionality:

      • Universal joints are used to transmit rotary motion between shafts that are offset or misaligned relative to each other.
      • When one shaft rotates, the universal joint allows the other shaft to rotate at a different angle, while still maintaining a constant speed and transmitting torque.
      • The design of the universal joint allows for smooth and continuous motion transfer even when the shafts are not in perfect alignment.
    3. Types:

      • There are several types of universal joints, including single, double, and trilobe joints, each with different designs and applications.
      • Single universal joints consist of one pair of yokes and a single cross-shaped pivot.
      • Double universal joints have two pairs of yokes and two cross-shaped pivots, allowing for even greater flexibility and angular movement.
      • Trilobe universal joints have a three-lobed design, providing smoother motion and reduced vibration compared to traditional single or double joints.
    4. Applications:

      • Universal joints are commonly used in automotive driveshafts, where they allow for the transmission of power from the engine to the wheels, despite the changing angles between the transmission and the differential.
      • They are also used in industrial machinery, such as pumps, compressors, and agricultural equipment, where they accommodate misalignment between rotating shafts.
      • Universal joints are essential components in many types of power transmission systems, providing flexibility and reliability in applications where shafts must operate at different angles or in non-linear configurations.

    In summary, a universal joint is a mechanical coupling that allows for the transmission of rotary motion between two shafts that are not in a straight line with each other. Its flexible design and ability to accommodate misalignment make it a versatile and essential component in a wide range of mechanical systems and applications.


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