Long Nose Pliers

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6" Long Nose Pliers

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    Minimum order quantity: 10 Piece

    Long nose pliers, also known as needle-nose pliers or pointy-nosed pliers, are a type of hand tool commonly used for gripping, bending, and cutting wires, as well as for reaching into tight or confined spaces. Here's a description of long nose pliers:

    1. Design:

      • Long nose pliers typically feature a long, slender, and tapered jaw with pointed tips.
      • The jaws may have serrated or grooved surfaces to provide a secure grip on objects.
      • The handles of long nose pliers are often insulated or covered with non-slip materials for comfort and safety during use.
      • Some long nose pliers may have additional features such as wire-cutting edges near the pivot point.
    2. Functionality:

      • Long nose pliers are designed for tasks that require reaching into tight spaces or manipulating small objects.
      • The pointed tips of the jaws allow for precise gripping and manipulation of wires, components, or other objects in confined areas.
      • Long nose pliers are commonly used in electrical work, jewelry making, model building, and other applications where fine control and dexterity are required.
    3. Applications:

      • Electrical Work: Long nose pliers are often used by electricians for bending and shaping wires, making connections, and reaching into electrical panels or junction boxes.
      • Jewelry Making: Jewelers use long nose pliers for delicate tasks such as handling small beads, wires, and findings, as well as for bending and shaping metal components.
      • Automotive Repair: Long nose pliers are useful for reaching into tight spaces in car engines, such as when removing or installing small parts or components.
      • Crafts and Hobbies: Long nose pliers are versatile tools for a wide range of crafting and hobby projects, including model building, sculpting, and DIY repairs.
    4. Variations:

      • There are several variations of long nose pliers available, including bent nose pliers, which have angled jaws for accessing hard-to-reach areas at awkward angles.
      • Some long nose pliers may have additional features such as built-in wire strippers, crimping jaws, or cutting edges for increased versatility.

    In summary, long nose pliers are versatile hand tools designed for gripping, bending, and manipulating wires and small objects in tight or confined spaces. Their precise and pointed jaws make them indispensable tools for a wide range of applications in various industries and hobbies.

    8" Long Nose Pliers

      ₹ 3,500 /Piece Get Latest Price

      Minimum order quantity: 10 Piece

      A crate opener is a specialized tool used to open wooden or plastic crates, boxes, or containers. Here's a description of a crate opener:

      1. Design:

        • Crate openers typically consist of a handle and a sharp cutting blade or hook.
        • The blade or hook is designed to penetrate and cut through the material of the crate, allowing it to be opened easily.
        • The handle may have an ergonomic design for comfortable gripping and leverage during use.
      2. Functionality:

        • Crate openers are used to quickly and efficiently open wooden or plastic crates without damaging the contents inside.
        • The sharp cutting blade or hook of the crate opener is inserted between the slats or seams of the crate, and then pushed or pulled to cut through the material.
        • Some crate openers have a dual-edge blade or hook, allowing them to be used for both cutting and prying open stubborn crates.
      3. Applications:

        • Crate openers are commonly used in warehouses, factories, distribution centers, and shipping facilities for unpacking and unloading goods from crates.
        • They are also used in retail stores, supermarkets, and grocery stores for opening shipping crates and boxes of merchandise.
        • Crate openers are essential tools for personnel involved in shipping, receiving, and inventory management, as they help expedite the process of unpacking and handling goods.
      4. Features:

        • Crate openers may come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different types and sizes of crates.
        • Some crate openers have additional features, such as a built-in magnet or hook for lifting and removing nails or staples from crates.
        • The cutting blade or hook of the crate opener may be made of durable materials such as stainless steel or hardened steel to ensure long-lasting sharpness and performance.

      In summary, a crate opener is a specialized tool used for quickly and efficiently opening wooden or plastic crates, boxes, or containers. Its sharp cutting blade or hook, combined with its ergonomic handle design, makes it an essential tool for personnel involved in shipping, receiving, and handling goods in various industries and applications.


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